All About Education ? ? Biology Patient Earth Search Bear Springs Blossom wants to keep earth beautiful. We think the lives of billions are at risk, when educational levels stay that low. We offer websites with conservation education for many countries, with general knowledge information about preserving water. Information about water is very important. Industry needs knowledgeable workers, that know about air pollution, water contamination, erosion, workers that have a good science education. Bear Springs Blossom nature education promotes human preservation. Bear Springs Blossom public learning facilities, workshops, online learning, internet courses with certificate on updated knowledge, understanding the importance to keep earth beautiful, an updated conservation education to get a good job, to have a better life, to rescue the future of Earth's childrenCountries
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Education worldwide by Peter Bonenberger and Marianne Bonenberger includes preserve water information - water Conservation for young and old. How preserving  water helps us - a guide to conserve water, part of human life on Earth, helping to get a better life with a better understanding how life works and what we can do to empower our brains. Philosophical lectures to understand human behaviour to change our own behavior. Bear Springs Blossom research helps to keep Earth beautiful + to secure our future + to have a better life!
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Water Conservation for young and old

How to conserve and why

How much can we learn if we listen...
Water Conservation
How to Save Water Indoors / outdoors

A) Look for dripping faucets, pipes and toilets
B) Ask your parents to install water saving shower-heads + low-flush toilets.
C) Take shorter showers.
D) Never use your toilet as a wastebasket
E) Don't run water while brushing your teeth
F) Don't run water while washing your hands
G) If your rinse things catch the water in a pan
H) Don't push the button to run the dishwasher when its not full
I) Don't push the button on your washing machine when its not full
J) Wash full loads of clothes.

How to Save Water Outdoors
K) Don't over-water landscaping.
L) Water your plants early in the morning or late in evening.
M) Look for sprinklers that water the sidewalk or street.
N) Ask your parents not to water on cool, rainy or windy days.
O) Put on all hoses shut-off nozzles.
P) Ask your parents to use drip irrigation systems.
Q) Plant drought-tolerant or low water-use plants and grasses.
R) Use shrubs and ground cover to reduce the amount of grass.
S) Mulch around plants reduce evaporation + discourage weeds.
T) Ask your parents not to mow low, longer grass means less evaporation.
U) Look that the pool cover is on the pool to lower water evaporation.
V) Use a bucket instead of a hose to wash your bicycle
water conservation for young and old: Splish, the water droplet on a journey for water conservation: By a Spring in the woods there were many animals, beautiful plants and always plenty of water. Splish and Splash, the two little drops of water came often to the spring to play funny pranks. one day however this happy life came to an end. There wasn't enough water in the spring anymore, page one. Water conservation, Water conservation facts, Water conservation tips, Water conservation methods, Water conservation resources, Water conservation for kids, Conserving water, Saving water, Save water, Water saving devices, Tips for water conservation, How to save water, Water saving tips, Ways to conserve water, Conserve water, Water conservation techniques
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By a Spring in the woods
there were many animals
beautiful plants and
always plenty of water ...

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Where will we go when our drinking water is not drinkable anymore?

Water is essential for life on Earth!
Learn with us about the amazing qualities of water.
It is proven that healthy humans can only be born on a healthy Earth!
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Water Conservation/kids

Water + Energy

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Water journey 1

Thirsty for water

Water Drought article


Why Rainbows?
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Science Biology, Chemistry, Physics: water full of energy, necessary for life as we know it- update nature education shows you the big picture
- Why does all life on Earth depend on water?
- Why are the oceans salty?
- Why Water is a very special 'juice'?
- Humans can live without food for weeks, but
- without water we will die after 3 days.
- Why do Humans use huge amounts of water to produce electricity?
- Is salt-water more heavy?
- Why can water dissolve so many substances?
- Does water expand when it gets warmer?
Bear Springs Blossom Nature Conservation has a great mission:
Information + Education for all who are interested in knowledge.
Marianne Bonenberger director of education
Peter Bonenberger president Bear Springs Blossom

are offering this knowledge online and with lectures.
We are an international charitable nonprofit-Organization 501(c)(3)

Think about and see how wonderful our Earth was created..
Learn to understand = having a better life!

 America schools offer environmental education, but many do not believe in man-made changes - - In Great Britain England people see the changes happening to their country, but there are only a few who explain how earth works - - Canada is a country full of potential. With a good education system, but conservation education is still missing. We need more help of the local people to keep Canada beautiful


Spain offers little to inform people how to keep earth beautiful - - flag of Mexico waiving - - flag of Argentina with the sun in the middle, Sun of May  representation of the Inca sun god Inti

Indonesia cuts down a lot of trees. Missing nature conservation education leads to deforestation, water contamination, erosion problems because of deforestation, endangering marine life and humans. We need the help of the Indonesian people to keep Indonesia beautiful - - - China has a growing population, more energy, more food, keeping china beautiful is low on the to do list - - - India is a country full of potential. With a better education system and less corruption India could become number 1 in Asia. We need the help of the local people to keep India beautiful - - - German schools offer conservation education, but a lot of people are too busy to learn new things, do not think about to keep Germany beautiful
keep Singapore beautiful showing the flag - - Keep the Philippines beautiful flag - - Keep Malaysia beautiful showing the flag - - Thailand flag to keep Thailand beautiful

Peter Bonenberger + Marianne Bonenberger provide fun-filled multimedia lectures about earth's natural environment
More humans on Earth require more sustainability.
Work with us to implement systems that are NOT taking away quality of life, or survival from future generations!

It would be so easy:
When we duplicate the success of Earth's natural ecosystems we can secure the future of humans on Earth!
We care for humans, so we need to care for our water!
We express this task with our motto Keep Earth beautiful

Learn about the wonders of Earth and its water!
Albert Einstein once said:
"We still do not know one thousandth of one percent of what nature has revealed to us."

Hear and feel the wonders of Earth

Look deep, deep into Nature, and You will understand everything better - Albert Einstein

Better in-depth knowledge helps us preserve
and not to destroy Earth - as we know it -

A good environmental education helps us to understand
and to deal with coming changes + challenges.
Contact us - learn to understand!

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