All About Education ? ? Biology Patient Earth Search Bear Springs Blossom wants to keep earth beautiful. We think the lives of billions are at risk, when educational levels stay that low. We offer websites with conservation education for many countries and with English tests for Spanish, China, Indonesia and Germany. Information about our Earth is very important keeping Earth beautiful. Industry needs knowledgeable workers, that know about air pollution, water contamination, erosion, workers that have a good science education. Bear Springs Blossom nature education promotes human preservation. Bear Springs Blossom public learning facilities, workshops, online learning, internet courses with certificate on updated knowledge, understanding the importance to keep earth beautiful, an updated conservation education to get a good job, to have a better life, to rescue the future of Earth's childrenCountries
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Education worldwide by Peter Bonenberger and Marianne Bonenberger includes part of human philosophy. Philosophy is a helper for humans, helping to get a better life with a better understanding how human brains can work and what we can do to empower our brains. Philosophical lectures to understand human behaviour to change our own behavior. BSB-research publishes in these helps to keep Earth beautiful + to secure our future + to have a better life!
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Cicero - thoughts for the mind
One way to gain power with your brain

How much can we learn if we listen...

"Any man can make mistakes, but only an idiot persists in his error."
Marcus Tullius Cicero
About age
People at my age seem to be particularly stressed and agitated: the approach of death, which can not be far away from high ages. We should feel sorry about an old man, if he has not understood in his whole long life that one should not pay attention to death! Death can change us in different ways. If death actually eradicates the soul; or we might even wish, that death brings the soul to any place, where eternal life is; why would he be fearful...
"Time destroys the speculation of men, but it confirms nature."
Marcus Tullius Cicero
"What sweetness is left in life, if you take away friendship? Robbing life of friendship is like robbing the world of the sun. A true friend is more to be esteemed than kinsfolk." Marcus Tullius Cicero

Marcus Tullius Cicero
Born: 01/03/106 BC
Died: 12/07/43 BC

Cicero is considered one of Rome's greatest orators and prose stylists.
He married a strong willed woman from a wealthy family with the name Terentia in 79 BC. They had children and the marriage lasted for less than 30 years. He got divorced and married a young woman having a short marriage.
Cicero was one of the leading political figures of the era of Julius Caesar, Pompey, Marc Antony and Octavian. People envied his power and his wisdom, exiled him, later got him murdered. Cicero's writings got even more famous after his death. The thinkers of the Renaissance and Enlightenment discovered in Cicero's writings the riches of Classical rhetoric and philosophy.
We like the most his statement:
"The wise are instructed by reason, average minds by experience, the stupid by necessity and the brute by instinct."
Marcus Tullius Cicero

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Nature quotes

" In a wise man, the logic is healthy and strong, and in the possession of right knowledge, he is able to maintain himself against all enticing influences. He will never agree to a false idea for weakness ...
He will never acknowledge the idea that bodily pain is an evil or any outward thing is a good ...
So he keeps his urges in the right limits.
He never gets emotional; he is ἀπαθής (passionless).
On this independence of the outside world his inner freedom is based!

Cicero: Tusculanae Disputationes


Beatitudo sapientis


Cicero: Talks in Tusculum


The blissful happiness of a wise man

Sed ne verbis solum attingamus ea, quae volumus ostendere, proponenda quaedam quasi moventia sunt, quae nos magis ad cognitionem intellegentiamque convertant.But in order to not just touch with words what we want to show, there is still much to be presented that motivates us to turn even more to discoveries and insights.
Sumatur enim nobis quidam praestans vir optumis artibus, isque animo parumper et cogitatione fingatur. Take a man, distinguished by the most excellent education, and hold his image for some time in thought!
Primum ingenio eximio sit necesse est; tardis enim mentibus virtus non facile comitatur; deinde ad investigandam veritatem studio incitato.For now, he must be exceptionally intelligent; for stupidity is rarely accompanied by virtue; then he has to crave to explore the truth.
Ex quo triplex ille animi fructus existet, unus in cognitione rerum positus et in explicatione naturae, alter in discriptione expetendarum fugiendarumque rerum et in ratione bene vivendi, tertius in iudicando, quid cuique rei sit consequens quid repugnans, in quo inest omnis cum subtilitas disserendi, tum veritas iudicandi.From this will now arise that threefold fruit of the spirit; the one rests in the knowledge of things and the explanation of nature; the other in exposition of desire and detestation and in the establishment of the good life; the third in appraisal of what suits every thing and does not fit, on which every subtlety of the lecture and especially the truth is based in judging.
Quo tandem igitur gaudio adfici necesse est sapientis animum cum his habitantem pernoctantemque curis! ut, cum totius mundi motus conversionesque perspexerit sideraque viderit innumerabilia caelo inhaerentia cum eius ipsius motu congruere certis infixa sedibus, septem alia suos quaeque tenere cursus multum inter se aut altitudine aut humilitate distantia, quorum vagi motus rata tamen et certa sui cursus spatia definiant - horum nimirum aspectus impulit illos veteres et admonuit, ut plura quaererent;What kind of joy must be fulfilled by the wise soul when it deals with such thoughts day and night! Therefore, when he sees through the movement and revolutions of the whole world; when he sees the innumerable stars in the sky fixed to certain places in harmony with his own motion, and that seven others keep their course, which stand considerably apart in height and depth, yet their sweeping motions pass through definite and fixed spaces Intuition is what drove those old people and encouraged them to continue researching.
inde est indagatio nata initiorum et tamquam seminum, unde essent omnia orta generata concreta, quaeque cuiusque generis vel inanimi vel animantis vel muti vel loquentis origo, quae vita, qui interitus quaeque ex alio in aliud vicissitudo atque mutatio, unde terra et quibus librata ponderibus, quibus cavernis maria sustineantur, qua omnia delata gravitate medium mundi locum semper expetant, qui est idem infimus in rutundo.From this sprang the exploration of the principles and the primitive things out of which everything was born, created and composed; what is of every inanimate or animated, speechless or language-endowed species origin, life, demise and change and transformation from one to another; where the earth is kept from and in which balance, in which cavities the seas are preserved; - by what gravity everything strives downward, always to the center of the world, the lowest point in the round body at the same time.
Haec tractanti animo et noctes et dies cogitanti existit illa a deo Delphis praecepta cognitio, ut ipsa se mens agnoscat coniunctamque cum divina mente se sentiat, ex quo insatiabili gaudio compleatur.If the soul deals with it and thinks about it day and night, then the knowledge demanded by the Delphic God springs from the fact that man should recognize himself and be connected with the divine spirit, whereby he will be filled with never-yet-fulfilled joy.
Ipsa enim cogitatio de vi et natura deorum studium incendit illius aeternitatem imitandi, neque se in brevitate vitae conlocatam putat, cum rerum causas alias ex aliis aptas et necessitate nexas videt, quibus ab aeterno tempore fluentibus in aeternum ratio tamen mensque moderatur.For just thinking about the power and nature of the gods ignites his eagerness to emulate eternity, and he sees himself not merely domiciled in the brevity of life, when he sees the mutual causal connection of things and their necessary connection, in which, despite the eternal flow of life Things for eternity Reason and Spirit prevail.
Haec ille intuens atque suspiciens vel potius omnis partis orasque circumspiciens quanta rursus animi tranquillitate humana et citeriora considerat!When he looks around and up at this, or rather looks around all the parts and spaces, with what peace of mind he regards the human and the worldly!
Hinc illa cognitio virtutis existit, efflorescunt genera partesque virtutum, invenitur, quid sit quod natura spectet extremum in bonis, quid in malis ultumum, quo referenda sint officia, quae degendae aetatis ratio deligenda.Thus arises that knowledge of virtue; the virtues flourish according to their genera and species; there is found what is the highest, which nature aims for in good, what is the ultimate in evil; whereupon the duties relate to which life plan to choose.
Quibus et talibus rebus exquisitis hoc vel maxime efficitur, quod hac disputatione agimus, ut virtus ad beate vivendum sit se ipsa contenta.By examining these and such questions, we come primarily to the conclusion that the subject of this conversation is that the virtue of blissful life satisfies itself.
Sequitur tertia, quae per omnis partis sapientiae manat et funditur, quae rem definit, genera dispertit, sequentia adiungit, perfecta concludit, vera et falsa diiudicat, disserendi ratio et scientia.Thirdly, what follows through all parts of philosophy, what defines the thing, divides it into a genre-specific way, connects the consequences, provides the fully valid proof that distinguishes truth from falsity: the scientific method of discussion.
Ex qua cum summa utilitas existit ad res ponderandas, tum maxume ingenua delectatio et digna sapientia.From it springs not only the greatest benefit for the balance of things, but also a most noble and wisdom worthy pleasure.
Sed haec otii. Transeat idem iste sapiens ad rem publicam tuendam.But this in the study. But this wise man should also turn to the protection of the state!!
Quid eo possit esse praestantius, cum [contineri] prudentia utilitatem civium cernat, iustitia nihil in suam domum inde derivet, reliquis utatur tot tam variisque virtutibus?What could be thought of more excellently than he, since he knows the usefulness of the citizens in his wisdom, derives none of it from justice into his house, and also possesses so many and varied virtues?
Adiunge fructum amicitiarum, in quo doctis positum est cum consilium omnis vitae consentiens et paene conspirans, tum summa iucunditas e cotidiano cultu atque victu.Add the enjoyment of friendship, which for the educated belongs both to the common and consistent direction of life, and especially to the utmost convenience of mutual enrichment in daily dealings.
Quid haec tandem vita desiderat, quo sit beatior? cui refertae tot tantisque gaudiis Fortuna ipsa cedat necesse est.What is missing from this life to be even happier? - It must give way to happiness with its abundance of so many and such great pleasures.
Quodsi gaudere talibus bonis animi, id est virtutibus, beatum est omnesque sapientes is gaudiis perfruuntur, omnis eos beatos esse confiteri necesse est.Is it blessed to enjoy such spiritual goods, i. Virtues, and all wise men enjoy these pleasures, one must admit that they are all blissful.

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"Responsibility is born when the love, the feeling of care for others
grows stronger than the love for yourself."
Peter Bonenberger

Where will we go when Earth is out of balance?

Keep Earth's Nature intact is essential when we recognize that humans are part of Nature!

We can help you to learn the different qualities of Nature - all of them helpful for our existence.
How can humans live unison with Mother Earth?
It is proven that healthy humans can only be born on a healthy Earth!

BSB wants to give many humans a real desire for true sustainability.
Work with us to implement systems that are NOT taking away quality of life, or survival from future generations!

It would be so easy:
When we duplicate the success of Earth's natural ecosystems we can secure the future of humans on Earth!
We care for humans, so we need to care for our Earth!
We express this task with our motto Keep Earth beautiful

Learn about the wonders of Earth!
Albert Einstein once said:
"We still do not know one thousandth of one percent of what nature has revealed to us."

Hear and feel the wonders of Earth

Members of Bear Springs Blossom Nature Conservation have a great mission:
Information + Education for all who are interested.
We are an international charitable nonprofit-Organization 501(c)(3)
We offer Conservation education online!

Think about and see how wonderful our Earth was created..
Learn to understand!

 America schools offer environmental education, but many do not believe in man-made changes - - In Great Britain England people see the changes happening to their country, but there are only a few who explain how earth works - - Canada is a country full of potential. With a good education system, but conservation education is still missing. We need more help of the local people to keep Canada beautiful


Spain offers little to inform people how to keep earth beautiful - - flag of Mexico waiving - - flag of Argentina with the sun in the middle, Sun of May  representation of the Inca sun god Inti

Indonesia cuts down a lot of trees. Missing nature conservation education leads to deforestation, water contamination, erosion problems because of deforestation, endangering marine life and humans. We need the help of the Indonesian people to keep Indonesia beautiful - - - China has a growing population, more energy, more food, keeping china beautiful is low on the to do list - - - India is a country full of potential. With a better education system and less corruption India could become number 1 in Asia. We need the help of the local people to keep India beautiful - - - German schools offer conservation education, but a lot of people are too busy to learn new things, do not think about to keep Germany beautiful
keep Singapore beautiful showing the flag - - Keep the Philippines beautiful flag - - Keep Malaysia beautiful showing the flag - - Thailand flag to keep Thailand beautiful
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Peter Bonenberger + Marianne Bonenberger provide fun-filled multimedia lectures about earth's natural environment BSB Science conservation education presented by Bear Springs Blossom Master Conservationist: Updated nature education + environmental studies: A Master Conservationist studies biology, physics, chemistry to understand what happens in nature, understands water issues, knows nature conservation, water education about water pollution, knows how to change climate change, how the human body, the blood circle works, what greenhouses gases do to nature, and he spreads the word how to save Earth for the next human generation. To save Earth an updated conservation education is necessary. Outreach with online distant learning and lectures, giving the possibilities to save Earth, to allow our children and grandchildren a secure and healthy life on Earth. Master conservationists: Education with certificate learning how to put ratio over emotion to solve problems like changing climate, greenhouse gases, deforestation, air pollution, water contamination, water conservation, soil erosion, urban sprawl, population growth, depletion of natural resources. BSB Master Conservationists give help, give presentations to all audiences, advice on environmental issues. Becoming a master conservationist gives knowledge to be a land conservationist, Nature conservationist, environmentalist, protecting creation Educators Peter and Marianne Bonenberger, volunteers, guest lecturers, presenters of Nature related topics giving a lecture. Environmental education for children + adults
Look deep, deep into Nature, and You will understand everything better - Albert Einstein

Better in-depth knowledge helps us preserve
and not to destroy Earth - as we know it -

A good environmental education helps us to understand Nature
and to deal with coming changes + challenges.
Contact us - learn to understand!

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