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Earth from Space

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Earth's Solar system
The look of sun rising when you are in the international space-station
The look of the sun rising when you are in
the international space-station ISS

Our Sun - Donor of Life

What important task does the sun for Earth?
Who is responsible for day & night?
Is our Sun bigger or our Earth?
Why do we have moon-shine?
How much of our earth is always lit by the sun?
Are there stars are in our solar system?
What time does Earth need to revolve around the sun?
What has the sun to do with low and high tides?

sun - a cloud of space dust forming our solar system

The nebula you see above, collapsed because of its own gravity, started to spin faster and faster. Than it flattened into a disk. Gravity pulled most of the material into the center.
~ 4.6 billion years ago, out of this cloud of space dust, our sun was born. Out if the rest of this giant, rotating cloud of gas and dust, all planets together with our Earth were built.

In the center of the solar system lies the sun.
Shortest distance to Earth 147,1 Mio. km
Longest distance to Earth 152,1 Mio. km
With about 109 times the diameter of our Earth, it is by far the largest object.
Imagine 1 million Earths would fit inside the sun.

distance between sun and earth

Far away but good to see
hydrogen is the lightest of all elements, so it only accounts for roughly 72 percent of the sun's mass, while helium makes up about 26 percent.
Amazing data about the sun
It holds 99.8 percent of the solar system's mass.

Our sun is main element is hydrogen : 92,1 %
helium: 7,8 %
7 other elements:
oxygen: 500 ppm
carbon: 230 ppm
neon: 100 ppm
nitrogen: 70 ppm

Our sun is 25,000 light-years from the galactic core.

5000 year old Stonehenge in southern England

Since the beginning of life on Earth,
animals and humans are watching the sun.

People came together at places like Stonehenge, to pray, to learn, to get help.
The direction the sun was shining through the stones gave the farmers the information when to plant their crops.
They marked the motions of the sun and moon, charting the seasons, creating calendars and monitoring eclipses.
The Greek philosopher Pythagoras, 570-495 B.C, proved that the Earth was round.
The Greek Aristarchus suggested that the Earth and Planets revolved around the Sun.
Ptolemy thought differently and published his "geocentric" model in 150 B.C.
1543, Nicolaus Copernicus described a heliocentric, sun-centered model of the solar system.
1610, Galileo Galilei's discovery of Jupiter's moons showed the very different circles of objects in the sky.

What we can see from the sun is about 10,000 degrees Fahrenheit = 5,500 degrees Celsius. In the core temperatures can be higher than 27 million F = 15 million C. There are constant nuclear reactions.
NASA has calculated that this compares to exploding 100 billion tons of dynamite every second.

Our sun is not the only star in our Milky Way. NASA's telescopes have spotted many, calculating that there are more than 100 billion stars just in the Milky Way.

The light from the sun comes from the
photosphere, where temperatures are ~ 11,000 F = ~6,125 C and from the
chromosphere, which is hotter, up to ~35,500 F = ~19,725 C

The corona emits most of its light as ultraviolet rays. The super-hot corona is build of structures such as loops and streams of ionized gas with temperatures from ~10 million F = ~5.5 million C.
sun flares can be seen from earth
Solar flares, sun storms and huge eruptions happen very often, and can be very hot,
consisting of matter from the corona that is blown off as the solar wind.
When the solar wind hits the Earth's magnetic field it can cause Northern- Southern lights.

sun and earth magnetic fields
See how Earth's magnetic field is moved by the sun particles

The Sun's magnetic field varies, sometimes it becomes 3000 times stronger in small areas. The sun rotation is different at at the equator than at the higher latitudes. Inside parts of the sun rotate more quickly.
moon in front of earth
These distortions can create sunspots or spectacular sun flares and coronal mass ejections. Coronal mass ejections are less violent than sun flares. One ejection can throw out 20 billion tons of matter into space.
The sunspots we can see on the sun are relatively cool, looking dark.
Many magnetic field lines from the sun's interior are coming to the surface causing these spots. With a changing magnetic activity the number of sunspots varies.
Changes from a minimum to a maximum of ~ 260 sunspots back to a minimum of a few, is called a solar cycle
~ 11 years go by for one solar cycle going along with a change of the sun's magnetic field.

SDO in front of the sun
NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO)
delivers never-before-seen details of sunspots
and high-resolution measurements of solar flares.

sunlight is reflected by ice areas on earth changing the warming of Earth
Sunlight is reflected by ice areas on Earth lowering the warming of Earth

Oceans are moving because of the gravity of our sun.

What would Earth be without the sun?
What would we do without the sun?
What about a solar system without our planets

our sun is setting - sunset at lake

Why are the colors so amazing?

moon in front of earth
Our Moon covers part of the sun
We saw that with special protecting glasses
It got darker during the day for about 15 minutes
It was an amazing look....

Sunset at
sunset at Bear Springs Blossom Nature preserve in Texas
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