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Earth: the place where life prospers and is able to exist. From the smallest plankton to the grand Blue Whale and even our beloved cats and dogs, the beauty of the world continues to move and amaze us every single day.

Even the plants of the world deserves our deep respect for giving us both beauty and the ability to live. They cleanse the air we breathe, provide us with our essential foods, and continue to bring color to the world, from the auburn leaves in Autumn, dancing down to the ground to the blooming flowers decorating the fields and dinner tables all across the globe.

Mother Nature is a beautiful masterpiece that is made of so many different living and breathing things. Even for the non-living creations, there are the vast oceans that connect the world into one and the highest mountains that bring us closer to the skies. The world deserves to be protected and for living such gifted days on it, it is our duty and privilege to help such a magnificent place.

Here at Bear Springs Blossom Nature Conservation, we welcome you to explore the beauty of Earth through our over 1000 web-pages and are honored to be able to inform you of the different things you can do for our Earth, our only home. On our websites, you can learn more about us, why you should help to protect our Earth, and how to keep it beautiful.

Also, everyone is more than welcome to join our nonprofit organization to learn more and inform others about our world.

Any questions and concerns, or want to just drop by and say hello? Feel free to contact us anytime and we will do our best to reply back as soon as possible.

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